Can you work?

Quit working at sundown on Friday night until sundown Saturday night. You can get the exact time on a Jewish calendar or google it.

How long does it last?

Shabbot is one evening (Friday evening at sundown) plus the next day (Saturday evening at sundown).

Where in the Bible?

Genesis 2:1-3 and a lot of other places – just google it.


Everything. . . no special restrictions except (of course) basic kosher*. If you are hosting, just stay away from pork and shellfish and scavenger fish like catfish, halibut. Most Sabbath tables do not have butter on them – you can find guidelines online. If you are a guest, ask your hostess what you can bring – she will let you know how observant their family is.

What do you do?

The key element here is to remember the provision of the L_rd in our lives every day. There are portions in the scriptures to read each Shabbot. You can find reading schedules and commentaries on-line. A good one for both Jewish and Christian folks is:

Sabbath is a quiet holiday. Family and often extended family and guests, come for dinner Friday evening. Some go to services after dinner. Some go to Saturday morning services. Some do not go to services, but relax with family for the day. Since COVID, it is possible to join services via Zoom online. [NOTE that many people turn off TV and all electronics on the Shabbat.]

If you are invited to dinner, this is what you may see – but there is tremendous variation:

  1. The hosts are dressed nicely. 2 Candles are lit by the hostess – they are usually NOT on the dinner table, but somewhere near a window.
  2. The table has a white tablecloth and it is set with the best dishes. There is often a special wine cup for the host and a special plate with a special cloth cover for the challah.
  3. There is red wine and challah. The host will say a blessing over the wine and the bread and pass it around to everyone at the table. Sometimes the host will give a little talk to the children at the table before dinner is served.
  4. All the rest of the evening is casual – just relax and eat. Your hosts will be very pleased if you are enjoying yourself and the dinner.

When is it?

Every week – and you need it every week! There are additional Shabbot’s during some of the holidays.


Again – google it. Really that is the best way, except if you have family recipes. I like these two sites:

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